Welcome to the Juventus Club Silicon Valley

We are a Juventus Official Fan Club, located in Northern California

Join Us!

Becoming a member of the Juventus Club Silicon Valley for the 2018/2019 season is pretty easy.  You just have to donate $45 for the annual membership (yes, it is a donation because we are a non profit 501(c)7).

NOTE: membership for this season is closed. Feel free to contact us and we will keep you in mind for next season. Memberships for 2019/2020 will open in July.

We have members for this season (and counting)!

What do you get with the membership?

Since we are a Juventus Official Fan Club, you become part of the Juve family. You get all the perks from Juve listed on their web site (we send them money for each membership, so you are actually paying to buy the next Dybala…). It means you have discounts to buy Juve branded stuff and priority for tickets (in case you want to fly to Turin, but also for away games in Champions League). Honestly, we do not get much from Juve, but the next Dybala is priceless.

Mostly, you get the most awesome scarf there is, that you can wear proudly watching Juve on TV.

Lastly, you get to participate in all our events, from dinners to special things like the Juventus Trophy Tour last June, when Camoranesi and Ravanelli visited the club (video here) or the Italian Heritage Parade in San Francisco with Jay, the Juve mascot shipped to us from Juve. This video tells you the story of our participation in 2015 and this one of 2018.

And most of all, you can come to watch all the Juve games with us… Watching Juve on TV by yourself at home is depressing. Don’t do it.

Joining the Juventus Club Silicon Valley is a lot of fun (as long as Juve keeps winning).

45 bucks is a lot of money!

As a non profit, we can assure you nobody is making money here. Nobody gets paid. We are all volunteers. If you add the money we send to Juve, plus the cost of the scarf, plus the mailing… you can see how we got to $45.

Besides, this is Silicon Valley, and you have a pretty expensive passion… If you come watch a game with us, we are ready to bet your lunch bill will be more than half the cost of a yearly membership. It is not that much, and it is worth it.

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If you have any question about the club and how to join it, please fill up this form